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SGT PORTAL aspires to provide you with resources and information that will help you navigate the Internet in looking for that specific information you need that pertains to your life as a Veteran, Soldier, and guide you in finding resources for Health care, VA Hospitals, GI Bill Info, and Disability information, also to include Entrepreneurship programs for Veterans. 

 SGTPORTAL is dedicated to helping Veterans and Soldiers. It is our intention to Develop and support Ranches and Resorts for Veterans and Soldiers. The stay is free for Veterans and Soldiers that need to have somewhere to go and relax after combat and or tragic events in thier lives. We believe we can help in the rehabilitation for Veterans suffering from injuries to include Brain Damage. We will also be supporting the whole family concept to help the families re adjust once a soldier returns from combat. The time a Veteran is able to spend on a ranch can be life changing, a life changing event that you can be apart of.

The Wellness Center we will launch in a few years once we have the web site and Ranches developed at 100%. These projects will be comprised as a team to build. In all things one person can't do everything by one self, we need a team. SGTPORTAL is built by 3 Disabled Veterans and a few others. If I were to ask you to be apart of our team and help us accomplish our goals would you be a team player? Advertising on SGTPORTAL will bring you into our family and support us as a team player. Our Nation's Heroes need your support, by advertising on SGTPORTAL you will help us build Ranches for Veterans. 

Contact us today to start your advertising campaign on SGTPORTAL.COM and make a difference in a Veterans Life.

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